Mug Bearers of the Oaken Table


Go get the thing he says… youll know what it is he says! If ya want a giant cow-bot, just say you want a giant cow-bot. now we gotta go back and get it… ugh! well at least im having fun, if im not, then im a flying bunny… oh wait…

One might get used to the Underdark!

Treasure, adventure, honor!!

We have it here. The Dalelands, while it is my home, is a trail of mistakes. It’s probably a zombie mess by now! Blacktongue probably runs the whole area. Might be safer to stay down here, even if it isn’t natural for my kind.

If only I didn’t have so many unanswered questions. I suppose if I wait too long, all the people who can answer my questions may be gone. After this mission, If I’m the leader, I’m going topside.

But, who knows for how long. I might be treasure hunting again down here. I’m attracted to the magic. I’m fascinated and intrigued.

I think it might be a good idea for us to use our honor with the ordinator to retrieve our green key, where ever it is.

Sir Elmer Haresworth, Slayer of werebears
I killed a bear!

They would all be so impressed! everyone back at the castle… I killed a werebear! I assume it was at least. Sometimes a man, sometimes a bear, what else could it be. Though I still dont know about these “people” I’m with… theives, undead, murderous betrayers who attack while in parlay, but then again there is the goodly dwarf and iguana. I’ll stick around longer i guess, not that i have a choice with these drow giving us orders now. oh, and the bear came back to life… Damn it!

On a Winter's Night...

The vampire stepped out into the moonlit courtyard. It had snowed several days prior. Snow blanketed the square; the streets of Winterhaven were mostly undistubed save for the occaisonal footsteps that marked the passage of some shambling or loping creature.

Lord Blacktongue took a deep breath and exhaled, and lamented that he could neither feel in his lungs the bite of winter’s cold, nor produce the misty vapor of a warm breath. Blacktongue pondered the irony of power some of the smallest moments had…

His thoughts came back to the present, as he sensed the arrival of his leiutenant. Moments later she appeared, kneeling before her Lord and Master.

“Report” he commanded

“Cormyr knows there is something amiss in the Dale” the vampiress Kat replied. “However their military is already stretched too thin. They will provide no assistance until the snows thaw.”

“The Winter belongs to us, my lord” the vampiress declared

“And soon…” Blacktongue added, “So shall the city of Fallcrest”

. . . . . . . . . .

Lord Markelhay looked over the balcony. Winter had arrived on schedule, however the winds and snow did little more than to add complication to the already growing problem.

Overpopulated and under-stocked, the lord warden’s concerns for his city were well founded.

“Heroes…” he muttered… ’Where are they?!" He looked out the balcony again, as if expecting to see them appear. And where was Belford, his most trusted advisor? Or Naerumar? Even that rogue Catfish was nowhere to be found. The Lord Warden felt alone and vulnerable. Problems…

Plated footsteps signaled the approach of his Captain-at-Arms.

‘My Lord,’ the captain saluted, ‘another pack has approached the South Gate. Ghouls m’lord’.


’Waxford and Rimbly", the captain replied. Markelhay did not recognize the names, guards most likely.

‘See to their families, Captain’ the Lord Warden ordered. The Captain saluted and turned to leave.

‘And Captain’, added Marklehay, "Pray we do not count Waxford and Rimbly among our enemies tomorrow!’

. . . . . . . . . .

She feasted this evening on succulent lamb, as she had the night before, and before that even.

The great dragon regretted devouring the tasty herdsmen so quickly, but an angry and hungry god has no patience. “Foolish elf, wicked dwarf, false-kin!” the wyrm snorted, “Your kinds will suffer for your insolence to the Dawn!”

Toxic fumes burned snow and pine, leaving caustic patches in its wake. The dragon pondered its revenge; and the many, many humanoids it will devour as tribute and repayment.

Such thought eventually brought the Dawn a blissful slumber…

Another quest!?

I knew that gambling can be a problem, but running into another group to give us trouble….. What are the chances? So we killed the bear, or so I thought and we were parlaying with the human bandolier, when mysterio breaks up the whole negotiations and goes evil, “I want your stuff!” And blasts him.

Next thing I know the, the drow party from the is puffing up everywhere, pop, pop, pop. Ugh…

Then or stinking vampire goblin boy starts negotiating with the drow leader, never a good thing and we’re working with the guys who just ambushed us.

He’s taking us to Paldamar, which is good, but then we’ve got to do so work for another employer. We need more people to contract out this work.

I can hardly remember what we even came down here to this underdark for… Oh yeah, the dean, who’ve yet to find.

sewing circle
bunch of old maids

I was starting to think I was adventuring with a bunch of old maids! yammering on endlessly with this one and that. It reminded me of mothers sewing circles back of at the castle… and this gambling, I should say I like it,but I dont intend on loosing my fortune the way I did getting gypped on these hunters rags, though some have come in handy, just like that demon man said they would. well enough of this, back to killing that ole “winkin bear”

Gambling Fools

This maze is really getting to me. I never would have gambled away most of my gold if I wasn’t so bored wandering around this maze. Maybe it’s just being underground. In any case, I’ve got to focus.

We gambled with some shady people people too.

Some Knight and his squire
A human and his bear friend.
And some elves.

I guess we upset the bear and his human friend because they ambushed us right outside the safe area.

and this cursed daggar. I need something to throw and this dagger is not it.

I better get paid!

All I know is I better get paid. Gotta find a pig with bronze feet, a missing professor dean Belford, a Mage with tattoos and bushy beard named Sarencal, not to mention my own parents.

I’ve got more leads on my parents too. The ordination of the Seven Pillared Hall tells me that they were in league with a bunch of pirates. What were they getting themselves involved with?

We’re adventuring thought the Vor Maze. So far so good except for this damn cursed dagger. I can no longer throw a dagger or use any other weapons but it. I picked it up in a mysterious room that ID’d me. She with it’s glowing eyes as I left the room. It seems I’m always getting fingered for talking this or that. Maybe the thieves guild have something to detach this item.

I need someone to get some sort of ritual to get rid of it. The only good of having it is the fact that it feels so great in my hand, it’s sharper than any blade I’ve ever had and the extra squirts of gushing blood are proof enough for me to know its damage capacity.

I’ve trained myself to see better in the dark while I’m down here in this pit. I recently obtained an interesting pendant that can allow me to phase in total darkness. I’m licking my chops at the prospects of slipping in and out of some place with some loot.

Well Hello

We entered the dank dark cave… I didnt like that so much, but I am here to show my mettle after all. I certainly braved up a bit after meeting that damsel Agatha. I’m still not sure about this party though… between that weird little goblin and the stabby lady I just not sure… and now we find ourselves in a room with one wall made of fire, another of bodies, and a dragon statue that seems to control those it casts its glare on. hmmm what to do, what to do..

Toodles jubjub

Sir Elmer hares worth here! I have taken the place of another ranger in a party of strange adventurers. We have descended into the dark and stumbled upon a new danger already. And I bunnied out… Should have mentioned that.


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