Mug Bearers of the Oaken Table

Adventure 02 - Session 01
The Banquet of Heroes

A banquet was held in the party’s honor. Afterwards, Lord Markelhay invited the party for evening drinks and to discuss the letter found on the kobold cheiftain. Markelhay suspected the attack will be directed at the Fall Caravan, which had recently left Fallcrest in route to Winterhaven. He suggested the party speak with Lady Azaer, who oversees the Fallcrest shipment, and offer their services. The party did so, and negotiated a deal to catch up to and escort the caravan to Winterhaven.

Dean Belford privately asked the the party for assistance to track down one of his teachers, Professor Oz. The last communication between the dean and professor occurred several days ago when Oz was to arrive in Winterhaven.

Leaving Fallcrest, the party picked up the trail of the caravan, but blood and crossbow bolts found in the grass indicate a combat to which the outcome was unknown.

The trail is picked up again, which led to a graveyard midway betwen Fallcrest and Winterhaven. The bodies of caravan guards are found outside, and screams echoing from within one of the masoleums brought the party to action. Entering the crypt, they find a macabre scene: several undead dragging the remaining caravan guards towards an altar, on which sits a glowing crystal skull. The party does not manage to save any of the guards, who are slain by some power released from the skull.

Alive, the party claimed the crystal skull as a treasure. Mysterio examined the skull and determined it has a powerful evil aura to it. The party decided to bring the guard back to Lady Azaer, and question Dean Belford about the mysterious skull. Killjoy offered to hold the skull, fashioning it into a crude buckle on his belt.

The party is ambushed on the way back to Fallcrest by a kobolds. After the encounter, the party decides to set camp for the evening and hit Fallcrest in the morning. That evening the party is attacked by the corpses of the recently slain kobolds, which have risen as zombies. Afterwards, the party hastened to Fallcrest to report their findings.

Adventure 01 - Session 01
So You All Meet In a Bar...

The party met for the first time at the House of the Sun in the city of Fallcrest. The date is 30 Eleint, DR 1479 (The Year of the Ageless One). Each member carried a letter from Mushi Stormscale, requesting assistance for a secret mission.

The party is hired to infiltrate an abandoned mansion infested with several kobold tribes, and return a stolen shipment of green dragonscale armor.

While investigating the mansion the party discovers that only one tribe remains within the complex; either absorbing or decimating their former allies. Lord Markelhay negotiates a deal with the party to slay the kobold leader and rid the mansion of it’s current inhabitants.

The party accomplishes its tasks, earning favor with several prominent cityfolk, including Lord Markelhay, Teldorthan Ironhews, and Dean Belford of Fallcrest University. A banquet is held in the party’s honor; the proprietor of Nentir Inn offers the party free board for the winter.


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