Mug Bearers of the Oaken Table

Adventure 02 - Session 11
A Missing Mystery

After several encounters, the party finally gets a chance to rest. Mysterio offers to take guard while the other sleep.

Midway through their slumber, the party is awakening to a rustling within the camp. They find Splug, naked, inside the camp lurking around. To add to the confusion, Mysterio is no where to be found!

Splug was acting extremely vague and elusive, and before the party could get answers he bounded down the hall! A chase ensued, unfortunately the party could not catch up to the escaping goblin.

The party even with the absence of Mysterio, the party decided to press on. Killjoy led the party deeper into the corridor with the symbols of Helm. There they encountered Sir Keegan, the original lord and guardian of the Keep. Keegan’s skeletal apparition bade the party to stop Shadraxil from returning, and offered his assistance if they could return to Keegan the corpses of his slain children.

With directions to the children, the four party members descended to the barracks level. Sneaking ahead, Felicity crept towards the kitchen, where he spotted an ogre preparing the evening’s meal. A coordinated surprise attack felled the giant quickly, and the party was able to loot the stores for supplies.

Moving on, the party went through the mess hall, then down through an unlit corridor. Good luck led them to a children’s play area, just outside the children’s room. From behind the door leaped the children, their long-dead corpses rotted and vile. Killjoy blocked the door’s entrance, absorbing the necrotic globs the children disgorged on him. Just as the party felt they were in control, an unseen force stuck Jub-Jub from behind!

The cube of gel moved in, looking to absorb a meal, while from the side the children attacked with glee. The party divided their attacks, dropping first the Cube and then the children. Their remains were brought back to Keegan, who awarded the party with Aecris, his holy sword.

Returning to the mess hall, the party found an ominous door. Nailed to the door were several skulls, underneath which was written, ‘No Peeking!’. Inside, they found valuable paperwork, with details of the plot within the Keep. The party found that the ritual is expected to complete this very day, should all be on schedule.

Adventure 02 - Session 10
One Step Forward, One Step Back

Still exhausted, the party attempted to press forward. Searching for respite, they entered a domed chamber, whose ceiling was covered in cobwebs. Rows of oaken coffins were propped standing against the chamber walls, ten in all. A closer inspection of the ceiling revealed symbols belonging to Helm, a god who perished during the Time of Troubles. These symbols were also found on religious items uncovered at Shadraxil’s burial site. Unfortunately, these items were sold back in Winterhaven to Bairwin Wildarson

The Hall of Helm had many mysteries, one of which was to summon an army of soldiers to defend the chamber. The sound of marching was heard through the hall, and once-empty coffins swung open, revealing skeletons clad in Helm’s armor, ready to battle. Mighty Killjoy took on half the horde single-handed, while Felicity Fingers, Jub-Jub, and Mysterio kept the offense hard and heavy.

Victory was short-lived however, and even a short rest denied when the party heard voices from nearby. A search party of goblins, accompanied by a human priest, had found the slain zombies. Although in desperate need of rest, the party knew to allow the search party to report their findings would be fatal to their mission.

Felicity Fingers led the haggard team in a brutal surprise attack, which was responded by a hail of goblin arrows and a temporary standoff. Elven ears picked up the priest saying, “Get Krug, now!”. There was little time to act.

Invoking the shielding powers of his magic armor, Jub-Jub lead the party in a second assault against the bunkered enemy. With stone-like skin, he was able to take the frontal assault of the entire firing squad of goblin archers. Resolved to win, the party pushed on!

Spells, arrows, and steel flashed through the dimly lit corridors, while the party attempted to deny reinforcements from finding arriving in time.

Just as the party gained the upper hand, a thunderous roar heralded the arrival of Krug! With thick knotted arms, the ogre charged the allies flank, swinging his greatclub with monstrous reach. Killjoy moved to intercept the giant, while the rest of the party attempted to take on the still-alive priest and his ranged goblin team.

Two well placed hits took Felicity Fingers and Killjoy out of action, and with no healing powers left, all Mushi could do was stabilize them until the battle ended.

Thinking quickly, Mysterio] used his last healing vial on Felicity, and took a gamble by administering unidentified potions on Killjoy. One of the potions had adverse effects, shrinking the goliath to half his size! Alive though, the two joined their team and together the party managed another victory!

Finally, the party was able to achieve a small but well desired rest. To provide a level of safety, all corpses were stashed into an alcove area, where hopefully they’d never be discovered…

Adventure 02 - Session 09
Hobgoblin Vengeance

The party left Winterhaven with plans to return to the Keep. On the way they are ambushed by a hobgoblin warparty. Their leader, a horridly scarred glaive-wielding hobgoblin, screams vengeance at the party. At his command arrows fly, spells cast, and wolves released towards the suprised party.

The party, pinned on all sides, was in dire straights. Several allies including Mushi, Felicity, and Killjoy require healing measures to be brought back into the battle. The glaive-wielding hobgoblin was ferocious, intent on cutting down all in his path. He was the last enemy standing, and manages to dispatch Mysterio before falling.

The bodies of the dead were searched for clues about the attack, while Mushi peforms a Gentle Repose ritual to preserve Mysterio’s body. Jub-Jub found a hand drawn map, and determines that it detailed an attack directly on Winterhaven. A few words accompany the map, of which Splug can only decipher one, ‘Ninaran’.

Again the party went back to Winterhaven, to Lord Padraig with news of the potential threat. Padraig was concerned about the absence of Valthrun, who is his trusted advisor. Padraig does recall hearing the word Ninaran before but cannot recall what it means. The party asked for assistance in reviving Mysterio, so Sister Linora was summoned. Linora inspected the corpse, and said she will revive Mysterio, and he will meet the party at Wrafton’s later in the eve. Lord Padraig and the party headed to Wrafton’s to discuss what to do about the news.

At Wrafton’s, the discussion is heated about what to do next. Felicity and Jub-Jub offered options to stay and defend the town from attack, while Mushi offered evasive measures to protect the citizens. Mysterio returns, and is updated on the news of the attack. Eventually, Padraig decided to evacuate Winterhaven to the safety of Fallcrest. Mushi convinces the party to escort the villagers half-way, then return to finish business at the Keep.

By nightfall, the surrounding villagers were rounded and begin their trek South to Fallcrest. Linora was missing from the crowd, which drew suspicion from Felicity. Padraig however was more concerned about the villagers he has beside him than those he does not. The party accompanies the villagers as far as possible before heading back North to finish their business. On the way to the Keep, smoke and flames are seen rising in the direction of Winterhaven.

Back inside the Keep, the entry level appeared defenseless. A chanting sound can be heard within the complex, Mushi determines the noise to be a ritual of some sort in progress. The party explored the goblin quarters, including where Splug expected the goblin boss Balrog to reside. Splug had repeated several times that Balrog had stolen his wand, and the fat goblin’s absence did not settle well. Shortly after, Splug disappeared from the party.

The party determined the source of the ritual to be louder near a section of stairs leading down. Crossing the stairs however cancelled out all external noise. Past the stairs, the party found a series of dark corridors, with strange symbols on the floor. Neither Mushi nor Mysterio could determine the nature of the symbol. The party avoided crossing over any symbols, but stumbled upon a pack of zombies. The battle appeared to be going well for the party, until additional zombies began shuffling in from behind. With danger from all sides, the party exhausted most of their resources staying alive.

Adventure 02 - Session 08
Keeping Promises

Exiting the tower, the party found a lone figure rummaging among the Keep ruins. The party determined the figure to be Valthrun, and approached cautiously. Valthrun had vital information related to the Keep, but would only disclose the information in a more secure area. Killjoy, Jub-Jub, and Felicity successfully managed to find a safe location for the party to rest.

Valthrun reveals who he is, a Watcher charged for the past century to protect the secrets of the Keep. He had left his tower to accompany the party, much at the risk of his own life force, which requires him to be near his tower. Valthrun tells the tale of the dragon Shadraxil, who was imprisoned a millennium ago by Jerold Keegan, a knight of Cormyr’s Purple Dragons. Valthrun informed the party the portal which sealed Shadraxil was hidden underneath the Keep, and he believed this to be the answer to the clues the party has provided.

Valthrun was adamant about attempting to stop Kalarel with or without the party, so reluctantly he was allowed to travel with the party. Early in the exploration however, Valthrun was killed during an encounter with a goblinoid party in the jail cells of the Keep. The party decided to bring Valthrun back to Winterhaven to seek Sister Linora’s healing assistance.

Before leaving the Keep, the party acquired a new companion, a somewhat friendly goblin named Splug. Killjoy seemed to enjoy Splug’s company, and even let the goblin ride on his shoulder when permissible. In return, Splug provided bits of information about the Keep’s denizens, and even sang when the mood fit him.

Back at Winterhaven, Splug and Killjoy were forced to stay outside the gate while the rest of the party entered.

Jub-Jub and Mushi went to see Sister Linora, with Valthrun’s corpse stashed inside their Bag of Holding. Linora was upset at the expectation that she would continually revive the fallen, but promised to do what she could. In return, she gave Jub-Jub a special coin; when the coin became hot to the touch Jub-Jub was to return to Linora within three days. Jub-Jub took the coin in agreement.

Felicity and Mysterio had searched Valthrun’s body prior, and found a key which they used at his tower. Inside they found a three level complex, mundane except for two items of interest.

One item was a large volume tome, most of which was written in a language neither could decipher. Mysterio was able to determine several words within the tome to be names of infernal creatures, and decided the book was too dangerous to read, but too interesting to leave.

The other item was a door on the second floor of the complex. Felicity sensed the door was trapped, and Mysterio was able to detect a magical aura. However neither could successfully determine the nature of the trap or disable it. Finally Mysterio, curious about the contents behind the door, threw fate fate to the wind and placed one of Valthrun’s keys in the lock and his hand on the handle.

The trap was triggered, and the pair found themselves caught in its machination. Electricity shot through the key, and the handle began to shrink in size, trapping Mysterio’s hand. At the same time, a mouth appeared on the door and began a hideous laughter. The enchanted laughter had a hidden command, which began to wear down the pair’s willpower to resist. Although the two managed to escape, Mysterio vowed to return shortly to attempt another round.

Before leaving town, Mysterio returned to the tower with Jub-Jub for a final attempt. The pair were successful, and once opened, the laughing door fell silent. Inside, the duo laid eyes on an extremely disturbing room. In the center of the circular room was a large portal, beneath which lay a protective circle. Encircling the portal were eight glowing orbs, which Jub-Jub identified as Will-O-Wisps, mythical creatures of Feywild origin. The Wisps were apparently in a suspended state. The pair were able to determine the portal was active, but neither were willing to attempt crossing the circle to travel through it. The pair left, leaving the mystery of the portal for another time.

Adventure 02 - Session 07
To the Keep...

Back in Winterhaven, the party presented Lord Padraig with the kobold wardrums. Lord Padraig is pleased, and rewards the party as promised. In addition the party’s exploits are recorded by Valthrun for the Winterhaven Annuls.

The party also presented the note found in the lair to Valthrun, who appeared reluctant to relay the information without party insistence. The general consensus is that a local abandoned Keep, called ‘The Keep on the Shadowfell’ by locals, is the location referenced both by Agrid and by Irontooth’s note.

Padraig found the news disturbing, but refused to pay the party’s price for clearing the dungeon. The party finally negotiated for Padraig to provide the party with a Cormyrian Adventuring Charter if they are successful.

Heading Northeast, the party come upon the ruins of the keep. Exploration around the keep uncover several unusual areas, specifically a hidden trapdoor and a single intact tower.

The party decided to investigate the tower first. Felicity and Killjoy scale the tower; once atop, they found structural damage allowing them to descend the interior via rope. Killjoy drops to the lowest level, where he encounters a pair of ravenous undead dogs. The rest of the party quickly scrambled to assist Killjoy, who alone was outmatched by the pair. The battle was intense, requiring the party’s full repertoire, but eventually the creatures were defeated. Exhausted, the party decided to camp within the tower’s bowels.

Adventure 02 - Session 06
Oh Irontooth Where Art Thou?

The party arrived on the outskirts of the kobold lair, which is a cave complex hidden behind a small waterfall. Felicity scouted ahead and spotted a kobold guard, almost completely submerged in the water. The guard however spotted the party, and a both sides prepare for battle. Several kobolds rode upon crocodiles, allowing them to travel downstream rapidly. However even with this advantage, the party still is victorious.

Approaching the waterfall, the noise of the river is deafening. Inside the cave is also deafening but for different reasons. Wardrums and chanting echo through the caverns, and in the central chamber kobolds congregated from all directions, piling atop each other in a bizarre ritual. The swarm of kobolds moved as one, and after several rounds of increasing its mass it begins a coordinated attack against the party. Additional kobolds filter in from various corners, providing assistance to the kobold swarm. The party responds, attacking from several angles, whittling the mass down one kobold at a time.

Unable to rest, the party moves forward to combat the source of the drums. There the party encountered not only the kobold chief but also the enraged goblin Irontooth, wielding a two-handed axe. Irontooth is formidable, but the party emerged victorious yet again. Searching the caves, the party found a note implicating a larger operation has been coordinating local tribes for something sinister. An unknown person named Kalarel is attempting to open a portal to do Shar’s bidding. The party decided that none of this bodes well and heads back to report their finding. They also recover the chieftain’s wardrums, proof of their victory in the caves.

Adventure 02 - Session 05
The Trial of Agrid

At dawn, Sister Linora began the process of resurrecting Agrid for the purpose of interrogation.

The party headed East toward the kobold cave, but are ambushed on the way by kobold war party. No prisoners are taken but the party decided to return to town for rest and supplies.

Mushi and Mysterio went and performed the Bloom ritual on the farmlands to the North as Linora had requested. They noticed that several farms in the area were barren, and at least one farm had been vacated in a hurry.

Felicity went to Thoar Coalstriker to negotiate better pricing for silvered daggers. Thoar offered a discount if the Felicity could directly improve Thoar’s profits.

Jub-Jub went to train with the town militia. Killjoy signed up to be part of the town militia, but attempted to forcibly terminate his contract, resulting in his arrest. When the party learned of Killjoy’s fate, they implored Lord Padraig to release their companion. For a hefty sum paid by Mushi, Killjoy was released under the promise never to return to Winterhaven. Until repaid, Killjoy is indentured to Mushi. While the party is in town, Killjoy stays outside the town gates in a nearby clearing.

Finally, the traitor is revived, and the interrogation begins. Lord Padraig and the party are able to extract enough information from Agrid which lead to his conviction, as well implicating Bairwin as Agrid’s employer. Bairwin had already left town, possibly towards the Dragon Coast if the story he told the party can be trusted. Agrid is sentenced to life imprisonment in the Salt Mines of Cormyr; he will be transported there next Spring. Until then he will remain in the Winterhaven jail.

The party convinces Lord Padraig to search Bairwin’s home for more clues. Padraig, his guards, and the party find a small temple dedicated to Shar underneath Bairwin’s shoppe. Several cultists and their undead servants put up a fight; Mysterio manages to steal a pair of magical boots from the shoppe upstairs before joining the commotion below.

The party and Professor Oz got into an altercation over a magical locket the party found on Agrid; the locket contains a picture of Agrid’s family. With some careful diplomacy the issue was resolved, and the professor headed back to Fallcrest for the upcoming semester.

Finally with the issue of the missing professor behind them, the party rejoins Killjoy and heads East again, towards the kobold lair.

Adventure 02 - Session 04
Of Dragons and Gnomes

At full strength, the party headed back South to ambush what they believe is an imposter Professor Oz. The ambush is successful, and carries the momentum needed to quickly overpower the enemies. No fatalities occur on either side. The real Professor Oz was found alive, bound and gagged underneath a pile of tarps in the corner of the site.

Oz informed the party of recent event up to and including his capture: while inspecting the historic site Oz uncovered that dragon remains are indeed buried here, but far too small to be the terrible Shadraxyll, who was supposedly slain a century past.

While continuing his discoveries, Oz was overtaken by the gnome Agrid, and his dwarven allies. Tressed and bound, the gnome was kept alive for information while the dwarves began digging around the site. A party of Hobgoblins appeared daily asking Agrid for updates on discoveries. On at least one occurrence the dwarves appeared to have unearthed something of importance, which was delivered to “The Keep”. When questioned, Agrid and the dwarves remained tight-lipped.

The imposters are bound and escorted back to Winterhaven. On the way the party is ambushed at night by unseen archers. The assailants demand the excavation team be released. The party refuses, and the enemy looses arrows directed at Agrid and his comrades, killing all of them. The attack ends as quickly as it started, with the assailants disappearing into the woods.

The party continued to Winterhaven carrying only the corpse of Agrid, which they hoped could be resurrected to provide more clues.

Adventure 02 - Session 03
To Winterhaven!

The party arrived at Winterhaven, which they notice is substantially smaller than Fallcrest. They establish residency at Wrafton’s Inn, and questioned locals about the caravan and the missing professor. They learn two important facts:

  • Professor Oz recently stayed at Wrafton’s Inn. Oz was asking about a local area rumored to be a dragon burial site. A local farmer named Elian provided Oz some information about the location of the site to the South; Oz has not been seen since.
  • Bairwin Wildarson, a local merchant, is responsible for the Winterhaven shipment for the Fall Caravan. Bairwin has not seen the caravan and is concerned about it’s absence.

The party met most of the prominent citizens of Winterhaven. Lord Padraig offered the party a small sum to clear out a local cave of kobolds Southeast of town, and Sister Linora offered to teach Mushi and Mysterio the Bloom ritual in return for performing the ritual at some local farmlands to the North.

While Mushi and Mysterio stayed with Linora to learn the ritual, Felicity, Jub-Jub, and Killjoy headed South to investigate the last suspected location of Professor Oz. On the way Killjoy was waylayed to assist a family who’s wagon was stuck in the mud. Felicity and Jub-Jub scouted ahead to the burial site. There they found a dwarven excavation team led by a spectacled gnome.

The gnome’s appearance and mannerisms were only a partial match to Dean Belford’s description of Oz; and after a small parlay between Felicity, Jub-Jub, and the excavators the two left the miners to their work. Recovering Killjoy, they heading back to report their suspicions to Mushi and Mysterio.

Adventure 02 - Session 02
Back in Fallcrest

In Fallcrest, the party decided to continue to stay at the Nentir Inn. Mushi stayed at the House of the Sun. The next morning the party received a note from Mushi in the morning stating their business has concluded; he must report his findings to his superiors. He will meet them for supper to discuss whether they have any new business.

Dean Belford informed the party of the malevolent nature of the Onyx Skull. The party handed the skull over to the dean on the promise of its destruction.

The party head to Lady Azaer, whom they update on the caravan’s status. The party negotiated an extremely profitable deal to recover the caravan, which is believed to be hijacked by hobgoblins.

Mushi does not show for dinner, which causes some concern to the party. A trip to the temple uncovers that Mushi has not left his room all day. The party is advised to check back daily on his status.

The party woke one morning to hear loud noises coming from the Lowtown section of Fallcrest. Porters were making large deliveries of timber, stone, and other construction materials next to a building which was in the middle of being torn down. The destruction crew consisted of a several ogres, who under the guidance of a pair of female elves were busy ripping an old building down by hand. Guards, commanded by Sergeant Nereth, kept close eye over the entire operation. A nearby sign read, “Future site of Darkboulder Acquisition Bounty Hunters”.

Mushi reappears, with instruction from his superiors which allow him to rejoin the party as an associate. The party retrieve their horses from the stables, and head forth to Winterhaven.


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