Priest Tad

Awesome priest dude


Tad speaks in an unusual dialect, using phrases such as “No Way”, “Righteous!”, and “Wrongteous!”. He is generally an optimist and it is perhaps this optimism that had helped him escaped death on several occasions.


Tad was part of the Winterhaven town militia when the party first met him. He was witness to its capture by the hobgoblin Grimm and later its fall at the hands of Lord Blacktongue. Tad escaped the latter only with the help of the Party.

Since that time, Tad has found his calling as a priest of Bahamut. As Tad put it, “It can’t hurt to have like a big Dragon Dude in your corner. Praises to the Dragon Dude!”

Tad is currently residing in the House of Pelor, one of the temples in Fallcrest.

Priest Tad

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