Felicity Fingers

Beauty, steath, quick hands, deadly accuracy, and speed: Adventurer for hire!


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Rogue Tactics: Artful Dodger
Background: Dalelands (Dalelands Benefit)
Multi-class benefit: Acolyte of the Veil
Paragon: Veiled Master

Str 14, Con 11, Dex 22, Int 11, Wis 14, Cha 18.

Str 13, Con 10, Dex 17, Int 10, Wis 11, Cha 15.

AC: 28 Fort: 19 Reflex: 25 Will: 21
HP: 78 Surges: 6 Surge Value: 18

Stealth +17, Thievery +18, Insight +13, Streetwise +15 +Acrobatics +18, Bluff +15, Perception +16 , Athletics +13

Arcana +6, Diplomacy +10, Dungeoneering +8, Endurance +8, Heal +8, History +6, Nature +10, Religion +6, Intimidate +10

Level 1: Backstabber
Level 2: Practiced Study: Forgery
Level 4: Warrior of the Wild
Level 6: Harlequin Style
Level 8: Black Arrow Style
Level 10: Light Blade Expertise
Level 11: Killer in the Crowd
Level 12: Skill Training Athletics
Rogue at-will 1: Piercing Strike
Rogue at-will 1: Deft Strike
Rogue encounter 1: One Two Punch
Rogue daily 1: Blinding Barrage
Rogue utility 2: Fleeting Ghost
Rogue encounter 3: Low Slash
Rogue daily 5: Go for the eyes
Rogue utility 6: Swift Parry
Rogue encounter 7: Sand in the Eyes
Rogue daily 9: Knockout
Rogue Utility 10: Shrouding Gloom

Multi-class Power
Assassin encounter: Shadow step

Paragon Powers
At Will: Close the Veil
Encounter: Veiled Strike
Daily: Blind Sight
Action Point: Blindfold Action


Felicity grew up in the Dalelands looking for adventure and treasure. Her parents: Rolo and Butterfly, before their disappearance, made Felicity apart of their adventures in fighting and thievery. When at home, away from their adventures, Rolo would busy himself in carpentry while Butterfly made extra money as a painter of fine art. As her parents left, so shortly after did she.

Luckily, she was taught to sneak, steal, manipulate and fight for fun, riches and especially magic: survival techniques. She could play a lost hungry child, or trick a rich aristocrat into thinking that she was raising money or procuring magical supplies to raise an army to rid the lands of Sembian’s forever.

Sometimes, she and her parent’s plans didn’t work out, but they always survived. Her mom was a brilliant planner and trickster who created great adventures and heists, but sometimes she knew that brains and cunning weren’t enough. That’s why she was trained to fight. Felicity trained to fight with stealth, range as well as to fight up close and blind her opponents as a means of protection and gaining the upper edge in desperate situations. Her dad, a great fighter and ranger taught her not only to be versatile fighter, but how to survive. Her parents didn’t want to leave her unprepared, because they didn’t want her to be stuck in a situation she couldn’t get out of.

One morning, Felicity woke up to find that her parents had disappeared. The only clue left about their disappearance was a key that was slid under her door. She now wears that key around her neck. Distraught and confused she was grew despise Sembians even more than before. She had overheard snippets from her parents about dealing with those intrusive and greedy Sembians many times before.

Recently, Felicity has uncovered items left to her in care of the family priest who never reached her before she left town to find her parents. These family heirlooms, unfettered theif’s tools and magic bracers that release unlimited magical daggers, will work nicely to help her recover her parents whereabouts.

Felicity reasoned that her parents disappearance must have had something to do with those Sembians, and she vowed to find out more information and seek retribution on those responsible for their disappearance. Even if the Sembians have nothing to do with their disappearance, their intrusive ways in the Dalelands talking things over are enough for her to loathe their presence.

Distraught at finding out that her parents were actually working with members of the cult Chaar, she must somehow look to mingle with their likes to find out more. It is her best lead to find her parents at the moment.

In the process of finding her parents whearabouts—whether they’re dead or alive—to find some sort of closure, she seeks to make her parents proud by continuing to seek riches and find magical items. Always enamored by the world of magic, her parents collection of magical items were always a favorite and mysterious source of amusement and wonder. Neither of her parents were knowledgeable with magic besides what other told them, so unfortunately she also has to be told how the magic works—but that never stopped her from desiring and coveting her parents collection.

Despite her parents mysterious disappearance, she continued doing the things she knew best and sometimes not wisest. Without her parents balancing talents she found it hard to deal with mobs of people who tried to steal back what she had rightfully filched. That’s how she met Killjoy.

One day after slipping out of a window (climbing was never her forte, that was her father’s strength) she became surrounded by a group of people who wanted their music box back. Luckily, her beauty and convincing cries for help persuaded Killjoy to help her (maybe it was just the music box that convinced him, but that’s ok with her too). He stood in the middle of the crowd taking their blows like a big dolt while she snuck around and took them out one-by-one. It was the start of a friendship.

They hood winked or gathered from nature everything we needed to get by, but that was not enough for her. She wanted adventure and more riches than I could gather. It was fortuitous when they came across Mushi’s adventure scroll.

This young and naive group of adventurers are now in the grip of contributing to the downfall of the Dalelands and must do their best to repair the land and rid it of Blacktongue before all is lost. He is responsible for the loss of Harkenwald, Winterhaven, and now Nenlast; what is next, Hammerfest? Fallcrest?? Unimaginable.

Felicity Fingers

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