Mort the Mute


Mort stands 5’1 tall; he would be taller were it not for a severe hunch. He has dark eyes, one of which is slightly drooping. He also has an olive complexion, which is unusual for a resident of the Dales.

Mort dresses in the clothes of a peasant, which while clean could normally use the assistance of a tailor. Due to his disfigurement many of his shirts are either too small or too large, adding to his unusual appearance.

As per his title, Mort is a mute, incapable of speech. This, combined with his physical appearance, have caused some to consider him a sort of savant or idiot. All of Mort’s other faculties however, are fully functional.


Mort is employed by Fallcrest University as their full-time registrar. At his desk is an engraved sign, “Mort the Mute – Registrar”.

During a visit by the party to the University, Killjoy found frequent humor in ridiculing Mort.

Mort the Mute

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