Sister Linora


Sister Linora stands 5’8 tall. She has short dark hair and blue eyes.

Linora dresses in plain hooded robes of any color.


Sister Linora is the sole clergy within Winterhaven. She maintains a modest temple dedicated to Erathis, and is known to travel to local farms providing aid.

Linora knows several rituals, including Bloom, which she taught to Mushi and Mysterio, and Raise Dead, which she’s had to perform several times in assistance to the Party.

Characters which she has been asked to resurrect include:
  • Agrid, at the request of Lord Padraig
  • Valthrun, at the request of Mushi and Jub-Jub
  • Mysterio, at the request of Lord Padraig

Sister Linora is currently missing; her disappearance happened just before the evacuation of Winterhaven.

Sister Linora

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