Bairwin Wildarson


Bairwin stands 6’1 tall and has a stocky build. He has shoulder length blond hair and a full beard.

Bairwin normally dresses in commoner’s clothing of ordinary quality. He was last seen in a brown traveler’s outfit.


Bairwin is the owner of Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe in Winterhaven. Although his shop is relatively a new addition, he somehow persuaded Lord Padraig to transfer responsibility of the Sembian-Cormyrian Caravan to him.

Bairwin was approached by the party while tracking down the missing caravan to Winterhaven. It was later revealed that Bairwin was tied to an operation which included the hijackers of the caravan. Before he could be captured, Bairwin abandoned his shop and fled. An inspection of his shop revealed an active temple to the goddess Shar.

During his last interaction with the party members, Bairwin mentioned he was heading to the Dragon Coast for business purposes.

Bairwin Wildarson

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