A miserable gnome thief, kidnapper, and fugitive


Agrid stands 3’6 tall and has a slender build. He has curly graying hair and long sideburns.

Agrid is unpleasant to deal with.


Agrid is a known criminal. He was recently found guilty of the kidnapping of Professor Oz and plotting against the Dales. These events were foiled by the party while they were searching for answers to Oz’s disappearance.

Agrid was killed by unseen assailants while a prisoner of the party. At the request of Lord Padraig, his body was revived for questioning. Agrid revealed that he was hired by Bairwin Wildarson, a local merchant, to perform the kidnapping and to retrieve an item buried beneath a historic landmark.

Agrid was sentenced by Lord Padraig to life imprisonment within the Cormyrian Mines. Until recently he was being held prisoner in Winterhaven until the Spring.

Agrid was among the refugees heading south to Fallcrest.


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