Lord Padraig


A man in his early 40’s, Lord Padraig stands 5’7. He keeps his hair chin-length and sports a trim goatee, both of which are graying. Physically Padraig cuts an unimpressive figure, appearing slightly overweight and with soft hands that most likely never saw arduous labor.

For a town lord, Padraig generally dresses in a more similar fashion to his townsfolk, although his aversion to labor keeps them in much better condition. The only indication of his status is the town lord crown, a thin circlet with a green stone, which he wears at all times. For formal matters and affairs however, Padraig has keeps suits of such finery and quality as to match any regent of the surrounding lands.


Lord Ernest Padraig is the current ruler of Winterhaven. Padraig met the adventurers on the recommendation of Lord Markelhay of Fallcrest.

Padraig has offered assistance to the party on several occasions, including:

  • Providing free lodging at Wrafton’s Inn
  • Having Sister Linora resurrect Agrid
  • Providing gold in exchange for clearing a kobold lair
  • Having Sister Linora resurrect Mysterio

Padraig has also offered the party a Corymrian Adventuring Charter in exchange for clearing the Keep on the Shadowfell.

While in general Padraig has been appreciative towards the party’s efforts, some of their more mercenary actions have tarnished the relationship. He had Killjoy imprisoned for assaulting a Regular, and for neglecting his responsibility after signing on with the Winterhaven Regulars.

As ruler of Winterhaven, Lord Padraig appears to have the general respect of his townsfolk. Neither Sister Linora nor Sylvia Wrafton challenged Padraig’s actions when he ordered them to assist the party.

Padraig generally listens to the counsel of both Valthrun and Sister Linora.

Recently, after receiving news of a potential hobgoblin attack against the town, Padraig evacuated the town to the city of Fallcrest.

Lord Padraig

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