Mug Bearers of the Oaken Table

I better get paid!

All I know is I better get paid. Gotta find a pig with bronze feet, a missing professor dean Belford, a Mage with tattoos and bushy beard named Sarencal, not to mention my own parents.

I’ve got more leads on my parents too. The ordination of the Seven Pillared Hall tells me that they were in league with a bunch of pirates. What were they getting themselves involved with?

We’re adventuring thought the Vor Maze. So far so good except for this damn cursed dagger. I can no longer throw a dagger or use any other weapons but it. I picked it up in a mysterious room that ID’d me. She with it’s glowing eyes as I left the room. It seems I’m always getting fingered for talking this or that. Maybe the thieves guild have something to detach this item.

I need someone to get some sort of ritual to get rid of it. The only good of having it is the fact that it feels so great in my hand, it’s sharper than any blade I’ve ever had and the extra squirts of gushing blood are proof enough for me to know its damage capacity.

I’ve trained myself to see better in the dark while I’m down here in this pit. I recently obtained an interesting pendant that can allow me to phase in total darkness. I’m licking my chops at the prospects of slipping in and out of some place with some loot.


jrdinapoli hrrpg1

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