Mug Bearers of the Oaken Table

Another quest!?

I knew that gambling can be a problem, but running into another group to give us trouble….. What are the chances? So we killed the bear, or so I thought and we were parlaying with the human bandolier, when mysterio breaks up the whole negotiations and goes evil, “I want your stuff!” And blasts him.

Next thing I know the, the drow party from the is puffing up everywhere, pop, pop, pop. Ugh…

Then or stinking vampire goblin boy starts negotiating with the drow leader, never a good thing and we’re working with the guys who just ambushed us.

He’s taking us to Paldamar, which is good, but then we’ve got to do so work for another employer. We need more people to contract out this work.

I can hardly remember what we even came down here to this underdark for… Oh yeah, the dean, who’ve yet to find.


jrdinapoli hrrpg1

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